For every ending, there is a new beginning

Have a Greater Idea
Allow your inner peace intuitiveness to guide you thought by thought throughout your life

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Happy Academy is committed to helping individuals, teams and families improve and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We encourage and assist our clients with tools and resources to live their lives to the fullest potential.

"When the end is held firmly enough in consciousness, the means to bring it about has already been set in motion."


-Thomas Troward

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When Tweety and Storm (two of a trio of parakeets), manage to escape their cage undetected, their human family is at a loss at what to do.

With affirmative prayer, and a little help from the remaining member of the trio, a happy ending emerges, and the message of the book is made clear: affirmative prayer works!

Birds of Feather is an enjoyable, easy-to-read book suitable for children of all ages.

Presented in the form of a fun rhyme with accompanying illustrations, this book literally illustrates the power of affirmative prayer and faith.

Angela "Niecy" Harmon retired from IBM in 2020 and now focuses on growing Happy Academy, LLC.

As Founder and CEO, Happy Academy was established to empower children of all ages to live from a joy-filled center through self respect and self-care first. Respect for self leads to respect towards all, great and small.

Birds of a Feather launches her career as an author. Although Niecy's own trio has flown the nest, Angela currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia in proximity to her 4 grandchildren who inspired this work.